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  1. My mistake i thought you meant the wing mount? Cheers anyway!
  2. Have you got a link BigAl? I couldn't see it on the site?
  3. Sorry i got interupted midpost & pressed send anyway before qualifying the post. The wing mounts with the holes are the nearest which are currently available.I filled the holes in the wings on my sight mount & it's hard to tell the differance. Even these lightweight wing mounts are getting hard to get hold of & seeing as this was in my shortcuts i thought i'd share. Warlord Tactical are going to release their own wing mounts with solid sides & i have a feeling they will be more reliable as a source than some.
  4. http://www.khmountain.com/airsoft/product_info.php?cPath=37_35&products_id=2950
  5. Rudy doesn't have any,i tried. He had loads of trouble with his suppliers ripping him off so he's not happy with all the hassle. In other news warlord Tactical will be releasing the Wing Mount early 2014 along with the DIS. No prices yet but Whistler states that the DIS will be cheaper than Begadi.
  6. Silencer http://airsoft-club.com/shop/external-upgrade/silencer/5ku-socom-556-rc-type-qd-silencerflash-hider-14mm-ccw Give it a quick spray,jobs a good one.
  7. New from Warlord tactical,full barrel for an AEG. I have suggested that it would be really helpful if they could open a website where these goodies can be bought without having to wait for Whistler to return from a business trip or such like. So far Warlord tactical are offering the sling loop,barrel extention,Full barrel & front sight which is currently sold out. Begadi are offering the Barrel extention & the Diemaco DIS {which Warlord tactical is in the process of producing}. Seems like things are looking good for Diemaco builders?
  8. The swing swivels are being sold for $20USD. Not sure on shipping rates yet until i order
  9. Whistler from Warlord Tactical is in China at the moment & he's got someone called Avril dealing with his mail. He did say on facebook that he has done the sling swivel & he will post the news soon.
  10. Warlord tactical have rekeased the barrel extention about 2 hours ago. No price yet.
  11. Not really. He said it might be several months to copy the DIS but it sounded like he was quite close to releasing the barrel extentions & sling hooks
  12. I bought 4 frontsights off whistler & got the PDQ. Good quality stuff. He will be producing barrel extentions, sling hooks as well as the DIS .
  13. Flippin heck,it's like Buses. None for ages then they all come at once.Warlord Tactical Airsoft will be making a DIS as well,i sent him one to look at. Still it is good news.
  14. I got sent a tracking number this morning. Ant supplies sell the riser adapters http://ant-supplies.co.uk/Pages/SA80SightRailAdapter.aspx
  15. I got a reply from G&G in the early hours of this morning which i replied to this morning. With in 10 minutes i got an invoice for £20.06 gor the SUSAT rail posted. I hope send it out in the same speedy manner they replied.
  16. I've resorted to emailing G&G direct. They are very helpful but the last time i bought direct i got financially raped by customs.
  17. Right i've found what i'm looking for is an Army Code SUSAT rail. Anyone have links to anywhere that has them in stock?
  18. I'm actually looking for the rail like the one on top of an L85, is it a 19mm rail?
  19. Can you point me in the direction of the rail for a SUSAT mount. The Weaver mount or what ever it's called
  20. I believe people are just using short sections of rail. Something like this http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Genuine-Magpul-PTS-MOE-Polymer-Rail-Section-Size-L2-5-Slot-Airsoft-/300867817261?pt=UK_SportingGoods_Hunting_ShootingSports_ET&hash=item460d1e8f2d#ht_554wt_932
  21. http://airsoft-club.com/shop/external-upgrade/silencer/5ku-socom-556-rc-type-qd-silencerflash-hider-14mm-ccw $31.99
  22. My two babies! I finally finished the L119 short.
  23. Finally put my finished gun together, Finished the wing mount & added ladder rail covers. The gun performs flawlessly in the field using a 1800mah Lipo contained in the lower reciever.
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