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  1. Cheers Tk! soz for the late reply.Also could you or anyone else suggest a decent slide for the WE g19 with realistic trades.
  2. Hi gents just wondering what the actual spec for the new glock 19 is, sight, torch ect. Is it the rmr or another sight?planing a build so all info would be helpful.Cheers in advance.
  3. Half unkryloned its the old type profile.
  4. Cheers Mike,think I've just about got my head around it pretty sure it's one of your 6" plus thread jobbies (anodising looks the same as my sup) just need to get myself a 10" barrel and some other bits and bobs and i'm sorted. Here we go again
  5. Cheers Habakure,i,ve measured it again and it's definetly 6" also tried it on my cqb and looks about right actually,right 10" it is then.Cheers again.
  6. Hello gents seems like abit of a stupid question but I've recently purchased a used barrel ext for a 16" build (cheers legwork) but i'm not sure of the make. It measures bang on 6" in length excluding the flash hider thread but when measured against my 14.5" m4 barrel from the foresight it only seems to be a inch or so longer, so the question is do I need a 10" or a 10.5" barrel Please help.
  7. I've seen the aimpoint magnifier in use with the comp m4 but not with the 552 so I assume it would be the that one, but not certain.There's a really cool pic of a pimped l119a1 from C&S magazine in this thread somewhere sporting a comp m4/magnifier setup.
  8. I knew the 552 was with TFB era shooters but wasn't sure it was with a more up to date config.
  9. My cqb as it stands at the mo.Looking to replace the eotech with a comp m4.....Maybe?
  10. Wasn't a reply to this thread. Just some l119a1/c8/uksf crossover messiness on my behalf apolligies all round.
  11. Was there not some pics of a vortex type hider too on the 16?
  12. Cheers mate.The grip is a guarder mod 2 ergo grip not sure what the rs one is called.
  13. I was at Tankfest at Bovington a while back and there was a couple of British Army lads showing RS weapons including a MP7, 417 with the long 16" barrel and a 416! So I guess "they" must of at least trialled 416? Note the MP7 wasn't the set up the MOD Police use it had a micro type red dot and full auto selector, does this correspond with the SRR setup?
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