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  1. Posted elsewhere but might interest those who follow this tread
  2. LOL, I cant keep up with this................so I wont, gonna go back to old skool
  3. Just purchased a real X300 for me Glock,so in hindsight I say Hussar
  4. I made mine from a piece of stock steel bar and a bit of filling
  5. Nice, my first Dremel is on its way. Now I'll stop hijacking the thread.
  6. @ double r I cut mine with a hacksaw, how the hell did you do it with a dremel, what cutting tool?
  7. Yes, make sure you make the cut down at the front end and glue in the front bit, that way it will retain its strength
  8. 556SF is not an option, cut down the provided flah hider at the rear, nipped up the screws in the suppressor, solid as a rock now.
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