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  1. Not sure if this has been seen before.. Ive been out for a while so my 119 spotting eye might be out though
  2. Right thats interesting Mike, After I asked the question I remembered a photo from early Afghan that they had a HK69 on a range, and was hoping they had traded up for a 320 to fill the same role.
  3. What launchers are in use other than the UGL(q) is there anything standalone available(q)
  4. 417s and Short Dots are a match made in heaven
  5. if your experiencing RIS wobble look at the CA it has a lock built into it which when tightened grabs onto the delta ring
  6. Thats stupid, but another reason to hate Angela Merkel then I guess.
  7. so no one in germany can own a torch...?
  8. well that G3KA4 setup was used by booties in Ross Kamp : In Search of Pirates which was filmed in 2009 IIRC. however that can't really confirm if it still was used by SF
  9. Just the Eotech+ magnifier combo on a diemaco, it reminds me of them
  10. @Saftey turtle Looks like the setup on a danish sf gat.
  11. I wouldnt have one on my blaster if they didnt
  12. thats the grenade sight corrigan, its not holding it on. Matt that looks pretty cool
  13. bit of milliput within the engraving , if you look at crawfs 119 spike i filled in the engraving with milliput on his then finely sanded then sprayed over
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