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  1. Pretty sure the mount is on ?shields? website *edit*
  2. Since 'they' are being issued holsters for G19's I'd say it's fine in here. It's a KWA G19, I used the KSC red dot mount and basically just forced it into the channel where the rear sight was, certainly not going anywhere in a hurry. Looks like it might work with my TM sig but like I said it's stuck in the glock slide.
  3. My 10" and 16" SFW's. 10" is just a shell for now, slowly rebuilding the internals.
  4. New 16" built from spares (and m727 upper)
  5. Would seem sensible for them to be below £100 otherwise you may aswell get a real one
  6. Indeed, popped up on my tumblr so thought I'd 'share the wealth'
  7. Thought this might be of interest to dave and maybe a few others
  8. Looks like its made for aeg tubes, rather then rs/gbb/ptw
  9. That was my thought, plus they're 'aeg ready' Out of interest how far 'off' are they, might pick one up when I build my 16"
  10. Stumbled across these earlier, anyone got any experiences? http://www.emperionstore.com/index.php?dispatch=products.view&product_id=32342
  11. Thought I'd give my C8 a fresh lick of paint Some natural light pics (as much light as there was at 8:30pm )
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