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  1. My WIP at the moment. Frontsight will be done the coming days. So far i really like it, not to modern (except the PEQ15).
  2. Looks good, swaffield! Anyone knows about fitting the UGL on an Army/G&G L85?
  3. I think here it fits the most. A friend of mine got an G&G L85 with RIS. He really dont want to have some wires hanging out of the gund, so he wants a battery inside the gun. I told him there are 2 options, an LiPo inside the RIS or the TMH. So what Battery-packs (LiPo or LiFePo) will fit inside the RIS or TMH (prefered) without dremeling anything? Beacuse i onyl use LiFePo i'm new to LiPo's. Are 7,4V enough? Or better take an 11,1V? How long will last an LiPo with ~1000mAh?
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