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  1. Haha Damn you!! I even took a pic without a mag to hide the fact I haven't got dual mags yet ! Thank you though:)! It is a clone, from http://www.jkarmy.com/eng/magento/ took awhile but it arrived. However the mount, and killflash have yes, both been modified, and an absolute spot on the ACOG flash hider. So apart form the Dual window mags and the LDS, I am pretty much there I want to claim an internet cookie for first RMR on am (airsoft) L85 though!
  2. I'm looking at doing the same with my ARES... Meanwhile: 062 by WestyIII, on Flickr <p> 066 by WestyIII, on Flickr <p>Better pics s
  3. 5 by WestyIII, on Flickr For all those who want a painted L85. Taken from: http://www.channel5.com/shows/royal-marines-mission-afghanistan/episodes/episode-1-411
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