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  1. And the new weapon that will be along within the next two years or so...... http://www.coltcanada.com/products-c8iur.htm
  2. Just been doing a little detailing on my L119. Not too sure yet but I am sure as it gets more use it will look more aged. Shown with LLM-01 and foregrip removed. Not sorted those yet.
  3. You guys that had your receivers engraved, how did you go about it? Did any of you use trophy shops? I don't want to take my L119 (with correct markings) apart so I would have to take that and the blank receiver to the shop....... Did any of you go and speak to them first? I was thinking about printing off a photograph of what I want and going round a few. Any thoughts?
  4. Anyone any opinion on this? I have heard from a very good source that LLM-01's are being used on shorties with cans on!!!
  5. This happened to me, it was the grip not the receiver. Which grip are you using? I can't remember whether it was the G&P one or another make that I had problems with. Binned the problem one and fitted the other one with no problems. The ones that fit say, "LONE STAR" on them. But I cannot remember if they are G&P or the other make.
  6. Yeah, you can get Milliput in black too....
  7. Pop a cable tie on that butt plate fella, stops it going missing when skirmishing.
  8. I didn't say the weapon I have seen had a suppressor fitted did I?
  9. I have seen a CQB with Bayonet lug still on it. There is also a picture floating about on the net of (I believe) a RM in dessie gear holding one. Hope this helps? A|nd they don't all have the full fat front sight either. Some do, some don't.
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