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  1. London bridge Trading Company isn't it LBT 6094
  2. If your not looking for trades go with the G&P M4 RAS (6 position) 7.4v lipo ready tube version Get the G&P Mk18 Outer barrel (gives good length for the shorty with bayo lug removed and if you get the addition barrel segment from perr_mick should take you to 16" long gun version too) Guarder CAR-15 Buttstock with pad G&P Storm Grip And unless I'm mistaken you should be golden
  3. What about one of the G&P xm177e2 barrels they come in 9.5" surely this must be acceptable
  4. Try G&P's own Mk18 Mod 0 type or the 9.5" type I listed above from Element with a thread adaptor should suit you 10" needs
  5. You could Try the Dboys $43 RIS thats available on Ehobby if memory serves it's also identical to the G+P in Length and Fitting type as for Barrels look in the http://www.wgcshop.com/wgc2008/main/product_detail1.php?search_From=category&item=ELE-OT0213&search=special&rs=Outer Barrel for AEG&catid=14&cat=87
  6. Frosty - get hold on a g&p rear wiring switch assembly is best since its a G&P I has a M120 motor so the switch will have the right motor connectors the battery connector should be able to run from the lower receiver just below the point you should screw the stock retaining screw into, then into the stock you will need a hole in the retaining piece to allow the wires underneath also wiring deans connectors will help spacing issues to
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