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  1. Think you posted in the wrong thread? It's not a generic black kit thread.
  2. What's with people putting DBAL on LWRCs? Is it a known setup I'm ignorant of of is it just that they've both been seen separately in UKSF use and look cool together? Not a criticism- gen question. I've seen a a few setups like that and I'm not sure why.
  3. I put this up on FB recently, but here’s my 2011ish SAS Black kit pics. There’s a few inaccuracies, FM12 should likely be a SF10, or poss an FM53 I think and the rifle setup is likely a little too modern. Still, it is close enough to warrant being thrown up as 'inspired' by UKSF kit. Black kit isn't really my thing though, but it makes a nice side kit for something different. Sure I've made a few other mistakes, so feedback is appreciated.
  4. Owning both, I'd say aesthetically the Element LA-5 is far superior. Also make sure to replace the shiny gold stickers both come with.
  5. My rejigged 16in upper, based off an interesting Diemaco setup I saw a pic of. Got a third upper laying about too, anyone got steer on talk on modern L119s setups? I'm not sure what way to take it.
  6. Thanks a lot Nutster, had no idea they were commercially available I am assuming though they'll only fit the real thing sight wise, so I might collate some pics and take Jebus up on his kind offer and see how much that would cost. Also a question, is the ACOG the highest magnification optic used on L119s? Just been looking at my SFW upper and wondering about a more recce setup.
  7. Also thanks Tarte and Al, much appreciated. I kinda did the tape thing wince I saw others do it, so assumed it was a thing for keeping crap out the barrel. If it screams airsoft I'll ditch it, I was only messing about with the tape to try and balance out the multicam elsewhere on the rifle. I must also have maximum DIS I have a third sat on my G&P too - I do love irons for airsofting
  8. Nice work Jebus - I don't spose you've considered doing the SUSAT red dot mount as used by SFSG?
  9. Shots of my Tokyo Marui Recoil Diemaco. The crane stock isn't archetypal but has been pictured, and the ACOG is an older style with the QD base of the newer issue one. If anyone's interested I can run off a parts list.
  10. I love the DIS, they are cool, and archetypal Diemaco. While I agree they were little used initially (there's only 2/3 pics I can think of), and probably never used now, they are great sights for airsoft, often I ditch my 'accurate' optics for a DIS when skirmishing.
  11. I had actually always assumed that was a Diemaco. But it does seem to be missing the extra slot at the back of the receiver rail, is that universal?
  12. It's an LWRC M6 PSD. I'm not sure if the admins allow those photos though, although the one you've chosen is one of the less sensitive of the leaked ones .
  13. Raised adjustment dials, a couple of screws in different places, and different labels I believe, The dials is how I tell them apart.
  14. Are they not all LA-5s rather than PEQ-15s? I am guilty of using a PEQ-15 since in airsoft they are easier to get fully functional, but I thought all the 'PEQ-15s' that are seen on L119s are LA-5s.
  15. Awesome thanks Mike - I've looked at that pic loads and always just scanned over that bit, I assumed it was unpainted rail where something was removed post paint job. Now I look properly I see what it is. Thanks Infidel - I believe the crane stock is technically an LMT Sopmod nowadays. I really rate them, I love the cheek weld, look and airsoft wise easy of battery storage - I have one on all my AR based guns.
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