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  1. I've bought a number of L85 parts direct from G&G for my ARMY rifles and as yet I've never been hit with any customs charges, or any significant delay in receipt. The last couple of times the parts have arrived within about 3 days of paying for the order. As regards RT's query earlier about fitting a G&G A2 cocking handle to an ARMY gun, the fixing is different in that the G&G is push on & the ARMY a screw fit. However, as the A2 handle is plastic it's quite a simple job to drill out the flat and then tap a thread into the handle. I've done that with two of mine. Oh and RT, if any of your mates need an A2 handle, I've got a G&G one spare, still in it's packing.
  2. If it is one of the older ones it should screw off, although it may be secured by a small grub screw as well. I think later ones may be the same as the G&G, which is held by a grub screw and once loosened should just pull off. There isn't an A2 cocking handle as a direct replacement for the ARMY screw on one, but the G&G A2 is plastic and you can cut a thread into it to screw it on. Otherwise a G&G dummy slide is a direct replacement and will fit their A2 cocking handle. You can order both direct from G&G if you can't source locally (Zero One do keep some G&G L85 spare parts).
  3. If you want a cheap way of doing it, get a short piece of G36 rail and screw it through the plastic hanguard, either on the right side or under the front bottom piece. I did that on one of my Army L85s and it will take a torch no problem.
  4. Yes you can, but look for one that's for a Star or ICS. The other one is for G&G / Army and I believe will not fit the ICS. Try the HK suppliers (possibly RSOV or Ehobbyasia) as they tend to have them, although not always in stock.
  5. I had that with mine but found it meant I was having to remove the RIS to charge the battery or fit the alarm. Now I've fitted a Mosfet I don't need the alarm, but to save having to remove it to charge the Lipo I got one of these from Component Shop (http://www.component-shop.co.uk/html/balance_leads.html). Although the female adapter end doesn't fit the balance lead, if you remove the wires from the female end and feed them into the holes in the male lead on the battery and tape them in, you have enough extra wire to run the balance lead into the top of the RIS, so you can then leave the battery / RIS in place and just plug in the extension to the charger to top up the battery through the removable top of the RIS. So much easier.
  6. Not sure if this is the best place for this, so Mods please move if necessary. I've got two Army L85s, both of which were suffering power connection problems, traced in both cases to the shorter copper contact in the trigger contact having burnt away, thereby causing either intermittent contact or none at all. Having sourced a replacement trigger contact set for a G&G L85 from Zero One I can confirm that it is an exact match for the Army unit and fits perfectly. I've now got a fully working A2. Just need to get another for my A1 now. Not sure how long they'll last but hopefully long enough. May look at getting a mosfet and working out how to wire it to avoid these problems in the future.
  7. I've got a 2600mAh twin pack in mine (2 x 1300 linked) but it took a bit of work with the Dremel to open out the insides of the RIS to get them to fit comfortably (tight but still able to move in and out) side by side. I thought I'd measured the dimensions accurately before I bought the pack but either the pack dimensions on Component Shop were out or my measuring was crap, as I needed to take about 1mm off each side of the RIS to make them fit.
  8. OK, here's my effort. It's not quite finished yet, as I need to sort out the optics, the mag release conversion and source an A2 cocking lever, but it's well on the way. Using the Walther 4 x Red Dot on the riser at least gives me good eye relief without having to crank my neck at an uncomfortable angle. Now even got the issue sling fitted correctly courtesy of an ex-TA team-mate, so it's going to get a bit more use now, especially after sorting the gearbox issues.
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