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  1. I have this DD rail for my STAR L85, I think it's a Hornbill one. I'm guessing it won't work with the ICS even with the adapter? Picture of the lower side of the rail. Doesn't the ICS version need to have a vertical screw instead of this 45 angle one?
  2. Anyone got any ideas what is the basis-model for the Dragon red L119-bodies (I assume they used other manufacturers blank bodies, and just did the engraving on it)? I'm thinking about a changeable upper for it, and any info on what is compatible with it would be appreciated.
  3. What's the most used UKSF/SFSG flashbang/stun grenade? Looking for something to fill the extra molle space
  4. Got a cheap deal on a Specter, can you buy the RDS and mount separately, only seen them as a bundle in RSOV/Ebair?
  5. Easier said than done, can't shoot for shit leftie. But yeah, assumed you were a rightie, flipping is not needed on a leftie.
  6. Good job on a first version mate. As always with these things, always a bit of tinkering can be done. Edit. Might wanna flip the acog mount, won't get tangled on stuff so easily
  7. Getting real fed up with my Star L85. Blowing fets, issues with hop up, feel of the trigger and the general buggery that is using the RIS with it. Is the ICS one better, should I try to sell the Star and switch brands?
  8. Clearly my trickery works at first glance
  9. Some pics to this thread, my late 80's kit. Pattern 58 and SAS bergen. Wish I had the older M16.
  10. No, not the gripod, the one that looks like this.
  11. Is there a brand of those folding grips I've seen on L119's? Like the BRF-pics?
  12. Oh, that's lovely gat. Is it the flash that's making the DIS shine?
  13. Though suppressor's FH needs shortening and mine needed longer threads. Bit of a chore. Edit. Though I suppose all available 6" SF cans on the market need it.
  14. Shortened my FH for the silencer. My more modern 10" setup: And no the SF pronged FH is not inside the silencer . I'll take another photo with the 16" and ACOG.
  15. I'm having issues with shortening my SF silencer's flashhider to the right size, now that I've cut it down size (like nutsters above), the threads end too soon compared to the guns threads. I've tried to dremel the excess metal in front of threads away, but now I'm concerned that I'm cutting into threads themselves. Is there anywhere for sale the right size flash hiders, no need for modifications?
  16. Meant that most are taken from that one photo. My dragon red is atleast and 80% of engraved ones I've seen.
  17. I'd also wager a lot of people here have the exact same serial on their rifles.
  18. A few backs ago: And why yes, I do like 6-col and night desert-camo. Shame I forgot to take the shemagh pics.
  19. Are the micro T1s in use now, seen them on a bunch of peoples L119-replicas recently?
  20. Awesome pics. Is snipers tape kosher for gulf war kit, when was it first issued?
  21. So was the change that they added or removed the FFD-pocket? Just for clarification. I currently have a windproof with the FFD pocket on the right sleeve, and a pen pocket on left, front slide tab, wire in the hood and nato-sizing, "Smock, combat, windproof arctic". I'm under the impression this a 80's version?
  22. Looking for some tell-tale signs that a windproof smock is pre-Falklands? The best I've found so far is that the sizing is in "Size X" and not the NATO-style "XXX/YYY", but since most labels are worn to white, that does not always work.
  23. Hmm, so silencers on MGs are kosher?
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