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  1. iWatch, iPhone, iListen, iKnow all your secrets

  2. Can see a duck.

    1. Venomous


      Does it waddle and quack?

  3. It makes you wonder if the MoD purchased these directly from Colt or traded them with the USAF as they must date back to the 1960's based on their spec. M16 Spotter Heaven: http://bpullignwolnet.dotster.com/retroblackrifle/ModGde/RflGde/604.html Either way, the MoD must have purchased a skip full of bolts, barrels and gas rings to keep these rifles running through 20 years of hard use.
  4. Number of F***s planned to be given in 2014 : 1.0

  5. Great. Now I'm f***ing my own stuff up.

  6. Great. Now I'm f***ing my own stuff up.

  7. It must be "Everyone tell me how to do my job week". Deep joy!

  8. It must be "Everyone tell me how to do my job week". Deep joy!

  9. Fully stocked for stupid.

  10. I think, therefore I drink.

  11. Is there not one corner of the Internet where I can avoid spunktrumpets?

  12. Check out my new book : "50 Shades Of Fuckwit - My 20 Years In UK Telecoms"

    1. Venomous


      You've never had the joys of working for Uk.Gov have you?


  13. The more PhDs you have around, the less chance you have of anything sensible happening.

  14. Attention: The future you anticipated has been canceled. Please remain seated and await further instructions.

  15. Taking my advice is like taking unlabelled drugs; it might work out a treat, but you could end up in hospital or jail..

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