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  1. PM me, I have a couple of inert ones if you need em?
  2. Still issued and used to this day, no better cqb sight out there at the moment!
  3. If you have cage/cpc you can get away with that too..... In fact most blokes just use thier ops rigs now over the top....Black crye clothing looks the business too. :-)
  4. The reason they were removed in the first place is because they did not have the owners permission.....
  5. For that reason you'd be better chopping it down or could even use a perr mike supressor and keep the longer inner barrel?
  6. I think without the basics you'll have what looks like a M4 with a diemaco barrel.... If you can't be bothered to get the trades....just fit a magwell grip or a redimag...both proven to be used. As for the front sight, change it to a 10" and lop the lug off and you are good to go!!
  7. Just a heads up, the newly purchased L119a1's are all the old style ones....no sign of the new model as yet.
  8. Exactly, the thing they have to consider isn't just the cost of the new platform, but the training for armourers, the cost of any teething problems, the additional cost of any tools and spares needed to maintain them...etc...etc.. I'm confident the new upper will be trialled though, the fact that the UKSF use them are one of the reasons the SFW was so popular with other nations.
  9. There is a big impending MOD order for the C8's, will be interesting to see what they go for.....most likely the old style if there is money to be saved!!
  10. As in real deal? if you mean the real one i was told it is to support the UGL underneath.
  11. Just the birdcage, or some had the old surefire ones fitted...
  12. Probably.....the standard one is issued though.
  13. I think they are different lengths for different barrels rather than a different type.
  14. I suppose the only thing is that the DIS is hardly used now in favour of optics....other than jungle and for certain roles. I think the only thing that made the dis look quality on the airsoft c8's was the fact they were genuine...if i had £40 to spend on a nice eotech copy or aimpoint copy or a replica dis I would pick the optics every time! But thats just my opinion i suppose!!
  15. x300/400 are popular now....you'll need the pressure pad kit too which is like £200 as well....
  16. I love it mate! Just needs a bit of natural wear now....
  17. I have a G&P lower and a G&P grip and it fits snug as a bug in the proverbial....
  18. I heard from someone a while ago that the pic of the weapon in the photo with the dog is a LMT rather than a C8 but its hard to tell from the pic!
  19. Even the new Colt Canada C8 CQB has a old style CAR15 stock, I have 2 good contacts that work with these on a weekly basis and they have never seen them with crane stocks fitted. I'd say that if you have seen one, and its on a Diemaco it probably hasn't left the factory with it on. http://www.coltcanada.com/products-originalc8.htm
  20. Yep....if you are running a US spec M4.... Of all the Diemaco's I have seen/seen photos of, I have never seen one with a Crane stock, or heard of one being used.
  21. Come on ladies, we don't need to lose another thread over bickering..... As warrior said, 7.62 has been used for a long time, the G3 was still used up until recently! The 417 has been in use for a while now, mainly has its uses as a support and DMR weapon, SFSG have been using the Sharpshooter as a support weapon for the lads on ops for the last couple of years. SCAR H has probably been tested...most likely with the Septics. (There isn't much that isn't evaluated, after all that's how they stay ahead of the game!) but I can't see it ever being adopted as we have kit for the role already and the likelyhood of using a 7.62 assault rifle I think is pretty slim!
  22. If you check the surefire website, the 'old' one is now listed as a legacy item. http://www.surefire.com/tactical-equipment/sound-suppressors/legacy-sound-suppressors/556-mm-223-caliber.html The new ones won't fit on without the new SOCOM flash hider anyway Edgar bros still list the old ones...and the new flashider isn't used yet.
  23. Black, aimpoint comp m4 is being trialled too apparantly....
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