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  1. Why have you got a T1 and a Dr sight mounted next to each other? With the Dr on a 45 degree mount? Surely having 2 red dots its pretty redundant.
  2. Front sight is correct for a 10". The silencer is bit off though. Ideally you want to try and get one of Perr Mike's.
  3. Thats the upgraded upper as well. But there is s second picture that shows those 2 from the front and both are wearing police flashes. Could be sneaky, could just be the met bought a few to trial?
  4. Thats because the photo is crap quality and you can't see squat. Plus the clansman units have been around since the 70's.
  5. There is little difference between the 15 and LA5. Torch wise loOk at a scout light as those were and are very popular. Or consider a PEQ2 for a slightly older look.
  6. Looks like one of the clone DIS carry handles.
  7. I have plans for a Sig in much the same set up. How do you get on the the red dot on the pistol?
  8. You can get a RIS for about £30-40, I know one person who tried to rewire a recoil M4 to front wired and cracked the upper.
  9. Other than function is there a difference between the 2?
  10. Was thinking about that, might it be for a particular theater to reduce their "signature" so to speak. Only reason I say that is with the 417 being used by them with the adaptability it offers with swapping out uppers and the like I can't see the SLR offering anything the 417 can't. Unless anyone can think of another reason why they might be using it.
  11. And the gear box is rear wired to a lipo stock tube by the looks of it. Its no worse a starting point than most people have used for their projects.
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