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  1. As far as I know sniper tape has been around for ages, certainly before the 90s
  2. Some pretty old pics of a mate and myself doing GW1 SAS.
  3. My latest builds: , All based on a DTW platform. I had the trades done by Airsoft engraver, which look great, even if it did take 5 weeks to get done...
  4. I'm tempted to get the repro DIS, just to enable me to dumb down the look of my DTW when using it as an OPFOR weapon, as I don't run an AK. I never considered it before as I prefer Optics and the £100 tag people were putting on real ones, is frankly taking the piss...
  5. Hopefully the profile will be correct too
  6. Here's what it looks like compared to a real one. apologies for the bad angle of the RS pic, but it still gives you a good idea of how similar they are/aren't..........
  7. I have a real one and that looks a tonne more accurate than anything else I've seen.
  8. If you shoot with the stock at it's shortest, it's not. Check out the second from the left:
  9. I used to use the issue sling, mounted on the front sling loop, but rather than using it in the manner you would on an L85, I just set it really long and used it like an old school rifle sling in a big loop. Works fine if all you need it for, is to chuck the thing on your shoulder occassionally.
  10. News to anyone other than me? http://www.ebairsoft.com/element-ex214-advance-multi-function-aiming-device-p-5299.html
  11. Just spotted that. Wonder if that means an L85 style Specter is on the way?
  12. If the mag feeds fine when it's not fully engaged on the mag catch, try sanding the top surface of the catch down a little to let it engage earlier.
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