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  1. Add a tie wrap around the butt pad? And that's grasping at straws for detail...
  2. That's an A2 with the earlier handguards.
  3. Given the amount of FALs seen in use in a certain middle eastern country with a running civil war... You could put 2 and 2 together. We don't have a tin foil hat smiley here, do we?
  4. Added the FFD mid-80s (ish), so Falklands era ones shouldn't have it.
  5. Apart from the sizing, no FFD pocket on the right arm was the big change. The original '68 DPM pattern print used on the cloth is also slightly difference in pattern and colouring to later versions (the base tan is lighter, I think the 'spottiness' of the edges of the pattern changed. Later 80s windproofs have more orangey colouring.) And if it's RM, rank slide tabs front and rear are a good bet it's an earlier smock, but I think they stayed until the late 80s/90s.
  6. A guy with the username Panoptes did some custom ones a good few years ago (probably back on UKAN/ASCUK, he's not listed as a member here), but sold out I seem to remember. He's about on a few other UK forums, so you could try to ask where he got them printed. The artwork wouldn't be too much trouble, it's just finding somewhere with an ALPS printer that can print white as nearly all support and spares for them has stopped. Fantasyprintshop.co.uk might be able to do them if given the artwork, but the owner is apparently selling up. Edit - Fantasyprint shop's minimum run is 25 sheets of A4 - That's a lot of decals!
  7. Seems like forever since I've posted in this thread. The BBC are sneaking some interesting retro programmes onto iPlayer, one being Behind The Lines, about the selection process for the RM's Mountain and Arctic Warfare Cadre from 1985. Episode 5 contained a bit on the direct action role, with some "well loved" ARs (and 4 mags per man). For the spotters (i.e. me), varient is the "early" model 604, Partial fence lower, no forward assist, three prone flash hider (and some other bits that don't matter for airsoft). I'd love to know the serials and date the batch/es they came from....
  8. Why bother jumping through the hoops when Colt had already created the 652/653 et al especially for export? Edit: Also, XM production numbers were always low (Can't get on Retro Black Rifle at work to see what they say) and production had finished by about 1970. From a purely procurement perspective, it makes the XM unlikely to have been bought as-is in any numbers. Trials maybe...I wonder what the Pattern Room collection has and where they came from...
  9. Now that's interesting. First I've seen of a Brit with an true XM, but lacks context - looks like training/having a play. Could also be a GAU-5 borrowed from the USAF, can't tell without seeing if there's a FA. I'd still stick with the best guess that the majority of offically acquired Brit carbines were not XMs. Unofficially, who knows.... Boots - Hi-legs or NI? Can't tell if they have the toecap. (Trouser pocket also doesn't look like the flat-sewn lightweight but more like US M65...)
  10. If you're willing to import from HK it's worth a look round some the usual big HK retailers to see what's available - there's usually 'custom specials' which might have all the right bits, or yeah, get an XM and the G&P barrel. Actually, it's probably easier (maybe cheaper too?) to get the full M653 front kit rather than just the barrel and A1 flash hider separately, and sell on a full XM foreend.
  11. I scrolled down too far and only saw the bottom of that last picture, and assumed it was on a Fig. 11 target. Then I scrolled up and saw it was the carpet
  12. Absolutely 100% no XMs. The US govn classified the flash hiders as effectively supressors (they contain internal baffles) and banned exports. Colt's Model 653 would be the closest as seen on the "Falkland Commando" cover/photo earlier (and occasionally in some RM Artic Warfare Cadre photos). Be careful, some places that claim to have a G&P '653' use a A2 or C7 receivers, which is wrong. Correct 'bits' would be A1 type reciever with forward assist, 14.5" pencil profile barrel, thin handguards with 6 holes, 2 position stock, birdcage FH.
  13. Bear in mind that's a M653 carbine (or export equilivent) and were a later development (you can just see the birdcage in picture before), so we're not quite comparing like-for-like. I'd still bet that the ARs are slab-sided 602s based on other photos I've seen (there's a few good photos in the 2 volumes of the Navy produced Falklands Task Force Portfolio books).
  14. It's going to be either a Model 602 - key points - Slab side lower, no forward assist on the upper. (G&P's 'Vn') OR A Model 603 (XM16E1/M16a1, same model number for both) Key points - Forward assist on upper, later production moving to the Birdcage flash hider. (G&P's M16a1) As already pointed out, without a look at the other side, you can't tell without the help of a Blade Runner photo enhancer to read the roll marks! The 602s had been in service since the mids 60s, mostly in the Far East and in NI. Best guesses are that if they are from the orginal batches of 602s they'll have the pronged flash hider, later batches are more likely to be A1s and have the birdcages. Most pictures of Royal Marines with ARs in the Falklands all have 602s, so I'd put my money there (see my pictures at the start of the Old School thread). No A2s, no C7 uppers (A1 rear sights, A2 style case deflector behind the ejection port), save any time-travel shenanigans
  15. Got a few quick photos today between the showers. Not great, because they're off my phone. Ignore the Colt's pony rollmarks...one day I'll look at sorting a more appropriate lower (also wearing a '80s GI black nylon sling for when playing as an A2)
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