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  1. Been tidying the new place and had to move my toys about. Thought it was a good excuse to snap some pics. Probably going to paint it soon. Looking at the gap between the suppressor and foresight, I think I may need to take some more material off the flashider. It's a Madbull one, I thought I had cut it to the start of the thread, any thoughts from anyone with the same one?
  2. 10" 417 with full auto, makes a mess but apparently that's what is in use.
  3. Hi, guys just finishing my blaster and loadout. I got one of perr_mike's awesome suppressors, currently I have my l119a1 with a 16" barrel and 'solid' foresight. I was going to fit a regular foresight with the bayonet lug removed, however, I was wondering and hoping it's not a stupid question but has anyone seen/is there a pic/does anyone know if the 'solid' diemaco foresights have ever been used on 10" barrels with the lug removed? Would really appreciate any help.
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