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  1. Roger, prob a trail thing then but then again you never know.
  2. Ok the only reason I asked is that I know SBS don't have them in the Sqn, how many did you see? As it could have been a trail? I know RM have them so then I would say SFSG as they have there own budget.
  3. Quick question, where has the spectre sight been seen and by whom?
  4. What's the green tape for on the end? I know why you put a small price over the end for real but why so much like that!
  5. Great job first off, but I would personally say its a bit to dark. But maybe with weathering it will look lighter. <br /><br />One thing you have to think off if you wanting it to help blend in is that some off it is pure black which stands out a mile so depending on your thoughts of course maybe spray those bits.<br /><br />But that us up to you and how you want it to look.
  6. I can't see it bring the AR15 as that is the civvy version of the M16. I would take a guess at the A1 as if I'm right the M16 only Made late 50's early 60's. But I'm not to sure.
  7. its not meant to look pretty... I think it looks nice
  8. Here is my two, just waiting on a few things to turn up
  9. Yeah HK53 i think your right a few years back since they have been used! but as people say there are better Rifle's out there like the 417. But they could have anything! aways new toys out there.
  10. I dont know many bootneck's that use G3 unless your talking about SFSG, and HK53 dont get used from what i know
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