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  1. Selling up - bag-a-bargain or two...

  2. Oh yes! Wonder where I saw one of them today...
  3. If you're happy, and you know it... Clap your hands!

  4. Hands up if you use RightGuard...

    1. Beaker


      Keep your hands down if you don't!

  5. That age old dilemma - too many "shinies" and not enough cash... oh well!

  6. Christmas hols, phone is off, officially "Can't be arsed!" - Happy Christmas all!

  7. Low Speed - High Drag

  8. Don't make me open a can of "Whup Ass" on you?

  9. Who would Jesus Shoot?

  10. Lo Pikey D. How are you doing?

  11. Ay-up you old wanka! :-) SMIOK

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