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  1. AFAIK, it's the same LWRC. Not seen any UCIWs with a dbal, seems an odd choice considering the availability of LA5s in the same period. A shot of my Diemaco-in-progress from the weekend. Running with an AImpoint comp M4, Magpul AFG, Magpul CTR, FAB MWG magwell grip, and an element LA5. Still waiting on surefire & magpul ASAP plate.
  2. Been a little quiet, but I've sorted my helmet and sidearm setup since I last posted. Rabintex Attack replica courtesy of a russian CSOR re-enactor and Heroshark, with Ops Core H harness, a mix of helmet pads, real CADEX NVG mount and Petzl Tactikka +. Also acquired a 6005 shroud for my Safariland, and bolted on a SOG Seal pup knife as seen in one of my ref pics. The Sig 226 is fitted with an extended mag, real Surefire X300U and DG pressure switch.
  3. Gobbi's been doing stuff with the army lately, he's not trolling. I'd be inclined to believe he's seen a tricked out SLR. Whether it's 'in use' is another matter.
  4. Part Two Training with Polish GROM. More at facebook.com/mapleleaftactical
  5. CSOR Afghanistan/Training, Cadpat/Coyote phase Part One. Pre-multicam CSOR kit. Cadpat, Cadpat AR, under a variety of Coyote rigs- FAPC, RAV, 6094, etc. More at facebook.com/mapleleaftactical
  6. Mid-00s: Haiti, Afghanistan, Training. Haiti 2004, protecting the airport and Canadian citizens. RAVs, and flat-top receivers. Afganistan, Close Protection details. HPC, LBT rigs, others. JTF2 operator posing with gear. Older 'Black Kit' in training. JTF2 training in CP/drills. More at facebook.com/mapleleaftactical
  7. Right, stand by for picture dump... CANSOF style. Afghanistan 2002/Early War On Terror. JTF-2 2002. Note the US woodland and DPM rigs, tan fatigues (I believe this is pre-Cadpat AR). JTF-2 training similar timeframe. Early CSOR, training in mostly issue regular-issue gear. Find more at facebook.com/mapleleaftactical
  8. Scored a genuine CSOR-correct old style Coyote Tan LBT 9039A MAP (Modular assault pack) from Legit Kit. Accessorised it with 3x ASP trifold restraints, and 2x LBT old style coyote tan smoke grenade pouches. Patches are an Airsoft Machine Shop IR Maple leaf and a Gear Whores Anonymous 'Bro do you even operate' patch. (I don't operate. It's a tongue in cheek patch). I'm literally just waiting on two 2xM4 paraclete mag pouches for the front before the 100% CSOR-correct 6094A is done. 'anada flag on the right, with Paraclete small GP acting as an IFAK, and Paraclete NVG pouch.
  9. Looks ace bud. The fact you're built like a brick shithouse helps too
  10. CSOR loadout's getting there. I estimate about 80% done. Replica Mich 2001 standing in for a Rabintex ACH 3 (I'm waiting for a Rabintex Attack) with CADEX NV mount and petzl tactikka. CP gear OTW shirt. LBT 6094A with: TAG 6x shingle. TT admin pouch. Paraclete double frag pouch. Paraclete MBITR. Paraclete 3x 9mm. Paraclete small GP/IFAK. WAS fold-up dump pouch. Invader Gear crye copy cadpat trousers. Mechanix gloves. Kydex holster. Still to get: Blackhawk hydration pouch. Paraclete breacher pouch. 'anada flag. 3x Large bang pouch instead of the double frag for 3x dynatecs. Swapping the petzl for a surefire helmet light. Rabintex Attack XL helmet. Pictures courtesy of Jon Kemp Media
  11. Haha Jake (blackjack) and I have been nattering and discussing kits for well over a year now ) Looking ace dude. Thanks guys!
  12. Cheers lads. We're very slowly getting there on the stitch-counting CSOR kit. I just need the XL Rabintex Attack helmet, a proper PACA or copy, an Eagle pack, and some mic-less Comtacs.
  13. My kit's continuing apace, getting pretty anal retentive on the stitch counting but I've finished my CSOR FAPC and nearly done the belt rig. All based off CSOR reference pictures. Pouches: Paraclete MBITR pouch. 3x Paraclete 5.56 mag shingle. 1x Eagle 9mm kydex mag pouch. Paraclete small GP pouch set up as an ifak. Accessories: 3x IR Chemlights Radio inside MBITR shell, with Otto/thales fist mics. Carabeener for hanging gloves/electric tape/spent grenade pins. Gerber Multitool. Surefire HLA light on molle mount (would normally be on helmet when wearing it). Pens. CAT. Plasticuffs x2. Magazines: 3x P mags for primary. 1x 9mm mag for secondary. Updated belt kit. Belt: 5.11 Brokos on a tactical tailor cobra rigger's. Left-right: Paraclete double 9mm. Tactical Tailor Universal mag pouch. Paraclete GP utility with generic folding dump pouch (this one's a WAS) on outside. Safariland 6280 for Sig P226 with X300 weaponlight. Paraclete frag pouch. Paraclete double flashbang. Holds 3 primary mags, 2 secondary mags, 2 flashbangs, 1 frag grenade. Suspenders are Spec-ops, as per reference pic. Still to get: canteen pouch and an extra frag pouch.
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