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  1. Lew_TF14

    The SA80/L85 thread

    Thinking of adding the GL to my WE L85. Will the ARES version fit it?
  2. Lew_TF14

    The SA80/L85 thread

    Anyone know where I could get the attachment for the old L85 Handguard that mounts the LLM?
  3. http://www.airsoftpark.com/dragon-silencer-flash-hider-long-style-black-p-10053.html I'm guessing that's the right one?
  4. L119A1 in Hammered sh*t. I like it!
  5. I assume this would fit my G&P M4 RAS, but before I order it, I just want to clarify it would, with anyone that has one. http://shop.ehobbyasia.com/pro-arms-l119a1-aluminum-outer-barrel-for-marui-m4-m16-series-aeg.html
  6. Quick question: Does anyone know if the 10" version was used during Qala-I-Jangi or Tora Bora?
  7. Perfectly! Never heard of the Positive and Negative terms but you learn something everyday I suppose! Anyways, got my stock pad and old style Carbine stock. Next (not so) big hurdle is the barrel extension when the AEG arrives!
  8. Cheers. Fairly new to the whole customizing side of things, so any help is greatly appreciated. Positive's right turn and Negative's left turn, right?
  9. Just ordered in a G&P M4A1 RIS for my Shorty SFW project. What size of barrel would I need to use it as a CQB model and then switch it to the 16" with an extension?
  10. Not entirely sure. Someone told me G&P make a good base rifle.
  11. Thinking of starting up my L119A1 project again. Anyone have any suggestions for a good base rifle?
  12. Lew_TF14

    Commonwealth SF loadout

    Spot on. Cheers fellas.
  13. Lew_TF14

    Commonwealth SF loadout

    Anyone able to ID what pack that is he has on?
  14. Someone posted a few photos of the Pathfinders' shooters from a Magazine awhile back. Can anyone link me? Can't seem to find it. Cheers.