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  1. Transformers 4 is Salient Arms porn

    1. doc


      Product placement to the max! Them shorts !

  2. Hate American postal charges when I take a liking to a new bit of kit

  3. ForkTailedDevil

    Commonwealth SF loadout

    Yep, just looked at those photos on MP.net which is were I saw the original. Hadn't looked at them hard enough to see the other Troy railed rifles. Thanks for pointing them out guys.
  4. ForkTailedDevil

    Commonwealth SF loadout

    Thanks, do you know where those other pics are? I've never seen a pic with the Troy rail other than that one.
  5. ForkTailedDevil

    Commonwealth SF loadout

    Tempted to take a go at building this rifle, minus the multicam colour scheme though, thats probably going a bit to far. Any idea which lenght of Troy rail is being used, 11' or more likely 13' inch i assume?
  6. ForkTailedDevil

    Commonwealth SF loadout

    Greatest...photo...ever (well, at least on its subject matter of Kiwis handing training mission over to Norwegians)