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  1. MJ PM me your email address if you want the hi res shots.
  2. It's a right shonky job. I've obviously avoided serial no.s and that's what needs editing on the others.
  3. I've got lots more but i need to edit some bits first.
  4. Both optics setup identically so presume so.
  5. Current kit. Only interesting bit is a larue mount for the acog.
  6. I'm sure I mentioned it in the previous pages but I found a Diemaco upper on an AR15 marked lower some time ago!
  7. you'll find alot with it around too, some put a strip further down too on the misconception that you won't burn your hand/arm/leg, and some completely taped ones as a few people got tetchy with spraying cans for a bit (not an issue any more though)
  8. on a real one its an absolute PITA to get off after it's been used for a while, seems to bake on almost.
  9. you all seem to be missing the point of "hatton" rounds which by the way are not in as common use as people believe. They are designed to dump their energy very quickly into a door, very little of the damage is done by the projectile(s) itself, it is mainly the pressure from the charge that does the damage. But hey what would I know.
  10. Its likely only that long as the magazine is that long and they want the extra capacity.
  11. If you hit someone with a hatton round at anything more than a few feet they would just smile and shoot back. There was an incident in London where police hit someone with one, apparantly it was a bit messy. If someone is actually physically breaching a door, they wont be the first one in. If a shotgun is carried as a personal weapon its likely they would be using the new combat shotgun as its actually pretty good, but I doubt that anyone working in this kinda role would be too far away from their rifle.
  12. All the ACOG's used in DCCT's that i have come across are of that type.
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