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  1. They look cracking. Good to see a slightly earlier version with a PEQ 2. Still got a soft spot for the older looking L119's!
  2. I'm not sure if this counts as an abusive post, but given that PTW Airsoft has reared it's head again, I feel that those who are thinking of dealing with Keith should be given fair warning. Frankly, his customer service is beyond appalling - and thats before we even get to the sheer number of people that he's had money from and then hasn't delivered the goods to. There's a reason that most Airsoft forums have a thread about how he's ripped people off (or messed them around for months, speaking from personal experience). Then there is the quality of his work. Having had some of Keith's modified stock tubes in my hands, I wouldn't dream of ever buying something again from a man who cannot even mill a slot in a straight line. He is as bad as Mark Wooley of SAS.
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