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  1. Previous page but it's not an LWRC M6 PSD...it's a UCIW. No replicas available of that bad boy.
  2. Boosh. HSLD isn't just for the yanks.
  3. I think he means one that's not locked?
  4. No, it is the LWRC UCIW as pictured above.
  5. It's not a rail, it's a completely different rifle. They have been using it for a few years now.
  6. 2 is 1 and 1 is non. Plus PEQ light sucks balls.
  7. TYR BPC have been documented, lots of aus lads prefer no side armour.
  8. It's the 300. Blackout cartridge that they have trailed previously, suppressed the 416c would be a great little package.
  9. So I heard a little rumour today, maybe somebody in touch with the boys in Hereford can confirm. 416c sub compact being trialed in 300.blackout to replace the mp5?
  10. Mags are some weird 30 rounders that aren't available for our needs so stick with the longs.
  11. HK standard one mate, they have a surefire one but apparently it's noise signature isn't as good.
  12. Eotech XPS up top same as the 5's, scout on the side, suppressor and I'm not sure about PEQ's or any kind of IR device. I will say though there extremely limited in numbers, 5-6 floating around.
  13. Straight from the horses mouth an hour ago, mp5/mp7 now being used for low threat/night raids, 417 mainly daily use for long range engagements, no change in kit, just cramming mags into pouches they already have.
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