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  1. Just a couple of shots of my TM Recoil based SFW.
  2. I know this has been answered before but what sling plate should I use for a TM Recoil based 10"?
  3. Really? Hmm. I'm pretty much committed to getting one now, I'd like to get back into the hobby properly and I'd really like a recoil 119. I'm up for the work to rewire and save money at the same time, but if I can find the right ris at the right price suddenly things are more complicated. Why is nothing ever simple haha?
  4. Cheers, I'm thinking about getting one but the question is which to go for. Obviously the socom is front wired anyway, but doesn't have the RIS, which is a fair bit of cash and that puts it above the price of the rear wired ones.
  5. Spike mate what did you do with the battery on your recoil 119 I cannot remember, do you have a crane stock, did you rewire it so it's front wired or have you hidden the battery somewhere about the stock?
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