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  1. There's been plenty of Plat-a-tac shirts/tiems sold on this forum recently aswell, so keep your eye peeled!
  2. Certainly looks like AOR1, him and his oppo are wearing it. Both that and Canadian kit is within reason though given the propensity to swap kit and Oz/NZ guys tending to wear whatever.
  3. Alex, Warrior also do a similar pouch if you want to order from somewhere more local HERE
  4. Yup that's what I thought, certainly looks like them at the back.
  5. Yeah that would tie in with what has been said on the news about those training ops recently and what's known in policing circles regarding the capabilities to be deployed for the games.
  6. For the stock tube I'd remove and individually spray it black (few fine coatings to get a decent finish), then once it's done and reinstalled it's up to you whether you dust the entire gun or not. Perhaps a very fine dusting to make it look a little used might be the way to go rather than fully abusing it.
  7. Anything can be made to work with ICS, the only changes you may have to make are swapping delta-rings out and maybe changing a outer barrel.
  8. That an Airframe I spy too? Dam the Auzzies have some cool kit, like a nice blend of the best bits of typical UK and US SF kit, plus some of the more interesting Plat-A-Tac custom made stuff.
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