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  1. So I have finally finished my l85 (for the mean time) after what was quite frankly too much money spent! It is as close as I can get it to the real deal at around the Herrick 14-16 period. The mini red dot wing mount was the biggest drama. I had to buy a stupidly expensive real steal trijicon version which required some work in order to fit the repro red dot. Anyway here are the results-
  2. Thing is nobody does replica spectre os4's so its just like the acog, close but not perfect. Acog is g&p as far as I can remember. I am now having dramas with my red dot wing mount. I managed to get hold of a real trijicon one as I couldnt find any of the airsoft repros. However the g&p red dot does not fit the mount and I am adverse to butchering the mount to fit. Solutions- Buy real trijicon red dot. Hoever they are difficult to find as TRD is no longer made and are expensive. Butcher mount Find repro reddot that fits (anyone know of one?)
  3. As much as I like the tan foregrip and grip pod it is rather pointless unless the rest gets a painjob other than black or they allow us to spray them. Anyway here is my l85. Almost done, just waiting on flashhider and mini red dot wing mount then I am there.
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