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Closing your own threads......... (Updated 26.9.12)

There is yet another increase in the amount of "Mods please close" posts in threads.


This only proves to us that people are not reading the rules and announcements when they join.


The Admin/Mod team does not have the time, nor the inclination, to spend trawling every post to see if there's a "please close" comment.




Close the threads yourselves. ANY thread that you have personally started you CAN close/lock and if required, subsequently re-open if required.




You can close your own threads, providing you started the thread.


Look at the bottom or top right for a box saying "TOPIC MODERATION" and click, you will then reveal "LOCK" Press that and job done!


Conversely if you want to unlock a thread, the same process should be followed up to where you see "UNLOCK", press that and again, job done.

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