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Using the Unresolved Deals forum

Use this area to discuss deals which have not gone smoothly on UKAZ only AFTER trying to resolve matters via PM.


Please put the members display name in the topic title, and the link to the original sales/wanted thread in the body of the text for reference.


The primary aim of this thread is for the concerned parties to start communicating in an attempt to resolve the matter, not for character assassinations or bandwagon jumping from other members.


Do not add any personal details to the thread, and keep it civil.


Posts from others not directly involved should be avoided unless it directly assists in the resolution of the dispute (for example, offering to contact the other party and direct them to the thread, those who have legal experience/qualifications). Opinions, comments etc from others should not be posted and will be removed, regardless of how helpful you think you're being.


UKAZ Admins and Mods are NOT here to arbitrate or to resolve matters for you, so please do not ask us to get involved. We will however, take action (in the way of forum sanctions) if it is proved that a member has not acted in an appropriate manner in line with our forum rules and guides.

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