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Paypal Fee's and the Classifieds

It has come to a point where the trend in the Classifieds asking for either Paypal fee's to be added, payment sent as a gift/money owed or a higher price being quoted to use Paypal over other methods has become an all too regular occurrence.


Now at some stage a lot of us have been guilty of doing this, however it is against Paypal's terms of use both for private sellers and retail merchants.


It has been overlooked for too long and to protect our users and ourselves, this must now stop. Having your Paypal account restricted/funds frozen for a breach or in the case of money owed/gift, it leaves you with no dispute procedure or buyer protection should the deal go wrong. Neither are ideal situations.


As of 0001hrs on 15/06/2012 all future Classified sales must adhere to this. Failure to do so may result in the thread being removed, without warning.


You will need to factor the Paypal fee's into your asking price/what you're willing to accept. Please do not quote different prices for different payment options. The only exception should be on postage if collection can be arranged.


Of course, we still recommend that payment/personal details are exchanged via PM and not posted for all to see. What you chose to do between friends/team mates or people you've dealt with before is up to you!!!


Should you wish to alter existing sales threads, please contact a Mod with the relevant link and I'm sure they'll be only too happy to edit it for you.


This may not be a popular move but whatever your views on this, if you intend on using Paypal as a payment option you need to abide by their T&C's and ours alike.


Thank you for your cooperation in this matter.

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